WIOA Resource Links for Clients

This section is a place for staff from WIOA Titles programs and partner programs to find links that are helpful to use with our clients.

Resource Links

Resource Links

Directory of Workforce Services

Find contact information in your county for employment and training services, how to connect to those services, and where to find physical Job Center locations. Directory of Workforce Services

Available Wisconsin WIOA Employment and Training Services Overview

A one-page handout with information about the various WIOA employment and training programs and the services offered in Wisconsin is available in color as well as grayscale for print. Available Wisconsin WIOA Employment and Training Services.

Wisconsin's Eligible Training Programs List

Wisconsin's Eligible Training Programs List (ETPL) is your source for learning about a broad range of training options that can help lead you to a new or more rewarding career.

All the financial assistance from any WIOA program would require pre-approval and have specific program limitations. Training Provider Eligibility is specific to WIOA Title I and TAA, however the list can be used by other programs to provide informed choice including where available, cost, and length of time to complete. Wisconsin Eligible Training Programs List